Livet er mere end bare kønsbehåring

Feel the urge to runaway

It’s not easy to explain

How it is to live with pain


I’m not close to being death

But still I have to catch after every single breath


My problems isn’t physical, but mental

life has never been, or will be very gentle


I try to hid it – I try to lie

I’m living, but actually all I want is to die


I’m afraid to see the facts in my eyes

The fact that happiness may never arrive


I live anger – I live in grief

Because life isn’t what I thought it would be


I often feel like giving up,

for god to turn my soul in to dust.


I only see tears and mistakes

So I keep dreaming of a better place.


But I won’t let my fear

Controle my actions, so that’s why I’m still here 


Still I try to keep fighting

to find the joy of living 


Try to appreciate the privileged of giving, 

not just the pleasure of having.


I have so many regrets

But I try to do my absolutely fucking best


 I really just hope one day

I don’t feel the such urge to runaway.


I know is doesn’t exist, there si no chance

But still I keep dreaming to live in a wonderland.


– Julie Duch Lauridsen


IMG_2689 IMG_2928 kkj lhjgkhg


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